DIY Twig Bracelet

I really enjoyed making my twig necklace so while I was out walking the dog I picked up a couple more twigs to make into bracelets. Here is the super easy tutorial if you want to make some of your own.

twig bracelet

For this project you will need a long twig or small branch. You want to pick one that has fallen off recently so that it is bit bendy still. If it is too dried out and doesn’t have any bend you will have trouble shaping it.

You will also need


Something to wrap the twig around.  It should be slightly smaller than your wrist. I used the large Martha Stewart paint bottles (6 oz)

Some paint (optional) I used Martha Stewart all-purpose craft paint in gold, light and med pink

Step 1 – Soak your twigs in hot water for at least 2 hours.  When they are ready they will be much more flexible.  Wrap them around your bottle while wrapping them with the string to hold them in position. This part is a bit tricky. Although the twigs will be more flexible they will still want to be straight.  I needed both hands so there is no during picture of this step, only the completed one. Here they are.

all wrapped up

Step 2 – Leave the wrapped twigs on your bottle to dry out.  I left mine for a week just to make sure they were completely dry.  Then cut off the string and ta-da! Bracelets!

They will spring out a little bit when you take them off which is why you want to start with something just a bit smaller than your wrist.

twig bracelets

Step 3 – (Optional) Give them some paint. I painted one of mine with pink and gold and left the other plain.

twig bracelet 2

That’s it! Hope you like it!


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